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About Us

Tejj Exim Pvt Ltd headquartered in Rajkot, the proud of India, has a powerful element of social responsibility inscribed in its' values and its' concern for the society beyond its' business motives. Availability of the Pharmaceutical, Tiles and Ceramic, Bathroom Accessories and Sanitary products to all at affordable price without any discrimination and continued efforts to improve the quality of our products, are our values and mission.

The company's principal activity is Export of Pharmaceutical, Tiles and Ceramic, Bathroom Accessories and Sanitary products for multiple fields. Company's customer satisfaction has always drawn Tejj Exim Pvt Ltd strategies and attitudes. From the very beginning the company committed itself to supplying consumers with reliable products, combining effectiveness, quality safety and competitive prices.


We are committed to serve the best quality goods to our customers satisfying their product requirements. We aim to continue our market leading position on international front. With the best of our management and administration skills coupled with fair trading policies we aim to capture a considerable share of agro exports market.

Corporate Mission

●   To Build an institution, which would be one of the best export-import companies in India.
●   To Establish, firm and easy ways for overseas business.
●   To Provide, value-added services to maximize customer satisfaction.
●   To Identify and Target, new market segments with a proactive structuring of innovative agricultural products.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is to find the best export solution for the customer’s particular requirement or requirements which results in the creation of long standing commercial relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. The Group prides itself in having a very close working relationship with its customers and has a much focused market driven philosophy.


Tejj Exim Pvt. Ltd. specializes in the worldwide trade of Pharmaceutical, Tiles and Ceramic, Bathroom Accessories and Sanitary products.

The Group has carved a niche in the export market. By making a concerted effort to understand our client’s businesses, we have gained valuable insights into competitiveness. Sustainability of this competitiveness in the international export marketplace has been possible through our core values of continuous learning and understanding of the markets we serve.

Network and Core Strength

We have a wide spread Business Network spanning around 42 countries including the Far East, Middle East, Europe & Other Gulf areas. Since years, Tejj Exim Pvt. Ltd. has had a dominant standing in exportable items being sent in huge quantity such as Pharmaceutical, Tiles and Ceramic, Bathroom Accessories.

Due to our service and our experience, we have earned a very strong goodwill in the global market. We give credit of this goodwill to our network of genuine suppliers all over India.

Due to excellent relations with Indian Suppliers, we have a very good command over domestic/local markets for purchasing. We help the buyers utilize our core strengths in the form of :
●   The Best Competitive Prices.
●   The Best Desired Quality of Goods.
●   Total Logistics Management.

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